“At The Process we love serving the people of God, He has given us a great love for his

people,especially those whom are hopeless, The children who are hungry, the teenager who can not

find their way, so full of fear, and then we have the elderly who have outlived their spouse left alone

and afraid. Our services include the following.

Recommended Reading

The Process by Barbara Nethery

This book has changed the lives of many people. While we all get stuck in life from time to time we

must not stay stuck. This is a mental and emotional housecleaning. Canceling out all hindrance to our

happiness. Breaking chains of unhealthy childhood programming, thinking patterns and belief systems.

More information on our Spiritual Healing page.


The Process Workshop
January 27, 2018
Panama City Beach FL. 8 am – 12 am

Ms. Lovett is a certified workshop facilitator and leader. Helping others start a brand

new life by walking with them through the process. These workshops are for everyone.

They require nothing more than willingness. Offered to groups of at lest ten people, to

larger groups of hundred's for churches, ex

Spiritual Presentations

Presentation + Demonstration = Visitation

We love it when God shows up in our presentations and he always does. These presentations are

powerful and very effective in transforming the whole man/women body, soul,and spirit. While they

appear to be entertaining they are accompanied by a powerful short, to the point message by Ms Lovett

from the word of God. No one walks away the same.

More information on the Spiritual Presentations page.