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The Process Workshop
January 27,2018
Panama City Beach FL. 8 am – 12 am

The Process

by Barbara Nethery

The Process helps readers receive healing by stripping away the old and starting new

“We are all products of our past experiences, the good and the not so good,” states the author. “As we go through life we can become stuck in any experience. The greatest battle we will ever conquer is the battle within ourselves: Who are we really? Why do we do the things we do? What is blocking us from enjoying our life? The keys to freedom may very well lie within the past.”

The Process

What would you do with your life if you could just start over?

All human beings are searching for the same thing in life: Happiness!
I just wanted to know the truth, so I began to search for it. What is truth? How would I know it, when I found it?
Life is a process, and we must work the process.
I must tell you this is work; if you want change, you must be willing to go after it.
This book is not for wimps. Restoring the soul is a lot like restoring a piece of antique
furniture. You first have to strip it down to the original material.
There are no monsters in here, so do not be afraid.
These exercises can be trusted. Well known among psychiatrists. As we look into the window of our soul and explore the roles in
the family. We will know ourselves like never before, stripping away the old. Then build a brand new life. This book will change
your life forever!
Come alone and let us walk this beautiful thing called;

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